axGear Chinese Writing Pad Handwriting Pen Tablet Windows 10 8 7

axGear Chinese Writing Pad Handwriting Pen Tablet Windows 10 8 7

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Tsinghua Tongfang TF-W626 Series Intelligent Computer Chinese Handwriting Board

Cursive handwriting recognition
Can automatically identify the continuous writing
Can display the colorful handwriting
Can provide voice correction
Informal writing Chinese characters recognition order)
Program integration, and is convenient for the user to identify the core driver application
Imitation mouse left click, right click, double click, drag
Control keys easily modify multi word continuous input error when the
Improved brush, pen handwriting, writing process to enjoy
Easy to use the signature function, make your handwriting sparkling
Can replace the mouse, and the mouse can coexist
Added traditional identification of core
Increased recognition of the core cyclotron turbine)

Brand:Tsinghua Tongfang
Size:7 inch large screen
Interface Type:USB
Sensing method:mechanical pressure sensor
Additional features:tablet
OS Support:Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10

Package Included:
1x Wireless Chinese Writing Pad
1x Writing Pen
1x Installation CD
1x User Manual

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