5 Port HDMI Switch 1080 P HD TV Metal Case High Quality W Power

5 Port HDMI Switch 1080 P HD TV Metal Case High Quality W Power

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Aluminium 5 Port HDMI Switch w/Remote & Power Adapter
Ver 1.4 3D Supports


- Supports high video resolution up to 1920X1200. from 720P to 1080P
- Differential interface compatible with transition minimized differential signalling (TMDS) Electrical specifications.
- Support Video and Audio signal both.
- Supports signal rates up to 1.65Gbps of UXGA display.
- Ensures the high definition signal is sent through without any signal loss.
- Plug and play, No software installation is required.
- Easy to install and simple to link any three/five sources to one HDTV display.
- Support single high definition display fro multiple sources, such as DVD players and satellite receivers. Digital projectors. A/V receivers. Set Top Boxes.
- Cost effective solution (No need to buy more HDTV displays)
- Space saving solution (allows multiple sources to share one HDTV display)
- Encloses a remote control for operational flexibility and easy control.
- Eliminates a hassle for disconnection and reconnection of multiple video sources.
- LED indications for operation/power modes.

Package Included:
1 x 5 Port HDMI Switch
1 x Remote
1 x Power Adapter

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