axGear Wireless Bluetooth Handheld KTV Karaoke Microphone Mic Speaker For Phone

axGear Wireless Bluetooth Handheld KTV Karaoke Microphone Mic Speaker For Phone

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Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone Built-in Speaker

Bluetooth 4.0 technology: Lower energy consumption but more stable connection and faster transmits speed, noise cancellation function wireless capacitive microphone, you can enjoy singing wonderful music by yourself.
Bluetooth wireless design for connecting to any Bluetooth enabled smart devices.
Multipurpose: Bluetooth speaker, Karaoke singing, car stereo, instrument recording, interviews, broadcasting, etc.

Material: Aluminum-magnesium alloy + ABS
Pickup: Electrical condenser
Output wattage: 5W*2(Dual speakers)
Frequency response range: 30Hz-20KHz
Maximum sound pressure range: >115dB 1KHz THD<1%
Resistance: 2*4Ω
Mix model: Echo sound reverberation
Connection: Wireless Bluetooth
Battery: 4.2V Polymer Lithium battery
Battery capacity: 2600mAh
Charging: DC 5V/0.8A
Charging time: 3-4 hours
Working time: 11-14 hours
Type: Handheld
Size: Microphone: 49*251mm; Audio box: 68*68*65mm.
Weight: 400g.

How to charge:
1.When the voltage is too low, the device will shut down automatically.
2.Use the standard USB and adaptor cable to charge; the red light will come up during charging.
3.The normal time of full charging is 3-5 hours. The red light will go out when fully charged.
4.This microphone lasts 3-5 hours under normal use.
5.Car karaoke mode used for 10 hours.

Package Included:
1x Microphone
1x USB cable
1x Audio cable
1x User manual

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